CB Hounslow United Clubs Vision

CB Hounslow United Clubs Vision

Vision: CB Hounslow will become the leading community sports club in the local area, providing sport for all ages and abilities.

Please note that whilst the focus of the club will be football, we intend to provide additional opportunities for the community to enjoy activities such as archery, basketball (outdoor), netball (outdoor), cycling and running on the Green Lane site. There will also be opportunities for indoor activities in the clubhouse such as yoga and pilates etc (although limited by space inside the clubhouse). Hence the change to the vision from simply football to sport and subsequent discussions at the recent club AGM that the club should be renamed CB Hounslow Sports Club, but the football teams will still compete as CB Hounslow United.

The club values are:

Fair Play
Equality and

Or in a sentence; We value Fairplay, Respect, Equality and Opportunity for all

I hope the above captures the essence of what we’re trying to achieve – I’d be grateful for any further feedback or comments at this stage by the end of the week. We can then start incorporating these values into all club activities.