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1. Code of Conduct 1

Club Code of Conduct

The clubs primary objective is to promote football within the community at large to benefit those taking part and for the enjoyment of all whether they be Players, Managers, Coaches, Parents or Spectators.

Where Coaching/Training Sessions are organised, players are encouraged and assisted in developing their individual skills and overall team play in a controlled and well organised manner in order to allow them to gain the most from their game.

Please remember that those involved take their responsibilities seriously. However, in the main they are all volunteers and like you want enjoyment from their participation.

Subsequently, the club feels it necessary to remind everyone of their responsibilities by ensuring that they adhere to the following Code of Conduct.

1. Ensure that you arrive punctually when requested
2. Make sure that as a Player, you arrive with everything that is expected
3. Encourage and acknowledge skilful, lawful and sporting play
4. Respect Opponents as without them there would be no game
5. Give positive feedback at all times
6. Support, encourage and praise all of the players
7. Respect decisions made by Referees as well as those who may be responsible for assisting in officiating the game
8. Provide your full support to the Managers/Coaches at all times
9. Discuss any concerns that you may have in private and not whilst the Managers/Coaches are focusing on their specific duties
10. Do not coach from the Touchline and let only the Managers/Coaches communicate instructions to the players
11. Do not encroach onto the playing area
12. Ensure that you and any young children in your care keep well back from the Touchline and/or goal areas
13. Never use foul or abusive language
14. Remember, that you are representing grassroots football as well as the club so setting a good example on the Touchline is paramount

Thank you for your co-operation.

A parents / spectators expectations and attitudes have a significant bearing on a childs attitude towards:

Other players.




Ensure that parents / spectators within your club are always positive and encouraging towards all of the children not just their own.

Encourage parents / spectators to:

Applaud the opposition as well as you own team.

Avoid coaching the child during the game.

Not to shout and scream.

Respect the referees decision.

Give attention to each of the children involved in football not just the most talented.

Give encouragement to everyone to participate in football.

Ensure that parents / Spectators within your club agree and adhere to your clubs Code of Conduct and Child Protection Policy.