CB Hounslow United FC Club Rules and Regulations
Club Purpose and Aims Season 2011/12 Season

The purpose of CB Hounslow United Football Club is to provide an environment and facilities that will promote the playing and appreciation of association football both on and off the field for juniors, youth's and adults.


The aims of CB Hounslow United Football Club are:
1. To provide well organised, competitive and enjoyable football.
2. To provide challenging and well ordered training.
3. To encourage members, regardless of race, religious or sexual orientation, ethic origins or any and all minority beliefs and ideals to partake in full and active membership of the Club.
4. To recognise and adhere to Club Rules.
5. To provide well resourced facilities, equipment and financial planning.

CB Hounslow United FC Football Club Constitution and Club Rules.

1. Constitution

A. The club shall be called CB Hounslow United Football Club and will be based at Oysterley Sports Club, Tentelow Lane, Middlesex.
B. An Executive Committee, consisting of the Chairman, Vice Chairman, Treasurer and Secretary shall govern all financial matters relating to the club.
C. A Management Committee consisting of The Executive committee together with the Assistant Treasurer, Social Club Representative, Players Representative, Entertainment Representative, Junior Representative and one manager from each team shall govern the day to day running of the club.
D. The Executive Committee shall be elected every two years on a rolling basis, whilst the Management Committee shall be elected annually except team mangers who are exempt from re-election at this time. All elections shall take place at the Annual General Meeting.
E. Team Managers shall be accountable to the Management Committee.
F. Team managers are selected by the CB Hounslow United full committee and are
not elected by players any manager resigning from there position is to inform the committee who will then inform in detail that there is a vacancy for that position only any peron or persons who would like to apply for that position would need to put there application in writing and address to the secretary who would then call a committee meeting to discus the application upon from which the committee would decide on the new manger for that position from all applicants. The secratary would then call the person or persons in to discus the interest before a final decision is taken from applicants.
G. A current Committee listing shall be attached to these rules.
H. The club shall have a bank account in it's own name. The treasurer as appointed, shall keep proper books and accounts as are required to produce to the Annual General Meeting.
I. The club is a section within the CB Hounslow United and Social Club and, as such, is governed by their rules and regulations.
J. The club shall be affiliated to a local Football Association.

2. Meeting

A. The Annual General Meeting shall be held each year on the date decided by the Management Committee. B. Notice of the time and date for the Annual General Meeting, shall be posted in such premises by the club from time to time for a period of not less that 14 days prior to the proposed date.
C. Any proposed alteration to Rules or Nominations of Officers shall be submitted to the secretary not less that 7 days prior to the Annual General Meeting.
D. The secretary, on receipt of a written request supported by five members of the club, may within 21 days call an Extraordinary General Meeting. Notice of any meeting shall be posted in the same manner as for an Annual General Meeting.
E. All members, registered and fully subscribed at the time of the Annual General Meeting are entitled to vote on nominees, motions and proposals. In the event of voting being equal, the presiding chairman will have a second and casting vote.
F. The Management Committee shall meet monthly at a pre-agreed time and date.
G. Each Management Committee member will carry one vote. In the event of voting being equal, the presiding chairman will have a second and casting vote.
H. Any three members of the Management Committee shall form a quorum of any meeting notified by the secretary.
3. Registration and Membership

A. A member shall be a paid up member of CB Hounslow United Sports and Social Club and as such is governed by any Constitutions or Rules that are applicable.
B. All members shall register with the football section.
C. All Playing members shall register with the appropriate Football League.
D. The Secretary shall not accept registration forms unless accompanied by a Social Club membership fee and an insurance contribution as indicated on the form.
E. A registered member shall agree to:
· Pay all Registration and other fees as requested.
· Pay all match day subscriptions on a weekly basis.
· Play in any team as selected.
· Regularly attend training sessions.

4. Subscriptions and Fines

A. Social Club membership fees shall be paid to the Football Club upon League registration.
B. All individual fines levied by the League or County FA shall be paid in full to the Treasurer within 14 days of receipt or alternatively, a contribution made and an arrangement agreed with the Treasurer for the fine to be paid by regular instalments.
C. Playing subscriptions shall be paid to the team captain or nominee prior to the game.
D. Members falling into arrears beyond these time scales will be referred to the next meeting of the Management Committee, whereby a decision on disciplinary action will be taken.
E. Members wishing to transfer away from the club shall provide the Secretary with a Transfer form together with the appropriate fee as set out in the League Rules. Applications for Transfer will only be considered in cases where the individual concerned is not owing any monies.
F. A current listing of fees shall be attached to these rules.

5. Training and Playing

A. Regular training sessions shall be held whereby all squad members are expected to be regular attendees.
B. Members unable to attend training must inform their Team Manager prior to the training session.
C. The Club operates an open squad system. Registered Players agree to and are expected to represent any team when requested to do so. Where a player refuses to do so, the selecting Manager has the discretion to refer the matter immediately to a Committee Panel of at least two Management Committee members. The Committee Panel will consider the issue and determine whether or not the player will be permitted to play at all that day and whether to invoke immediate exclusion from any team squad until the matter has been considered by the next scheduled meeting of the Management Committee.
D. Team selection is solely under the discretion of the Team Manager.
E. Players shall attend the Home ground not later than 1 hour and 15 minutes prior to the kick-off of the earliest scheduled fixture. Any player experiencing difficulty in getting to the ground in time Must telephone one of the Managers (Or other Club Official) to confirm attendance. Failure to comply with the above or failure to arrive 45 minutes before kick-off will, subject to the discretion of the selecting manager and adjudication by a Committee Panel (Rule 5C), result in exclusion from selection that day.
F. A Player unable to attend a fixture shall inform the Team Manager or Secretary, preferably 2 days before the match.
G. Team Managers shall select their squads in good time to allow for away travel. As a minimum, teams must be selected at least 30 minutes prior to kick-off.

6. Personal Hearings

A. A Player shall, for Team matters, request a personal hearing either directly with the Team Manager concerned or with the Players Representative.
B. The Players Representative shall advise the Player on and / or accompany the Player to any personal hearing.
C. Following such a hearing between the Player and the Team Manager, the Player, Players Representative or the Team Manager, can request a Personal Hearing at the next scheduled Management Committee meeting.
The Decision of the Management Committee will be final.

7. Disciplinary Action

A. In the case of Disciplinary action for whatever reason, the Management Committee shall have the power to:
· Demote any Player to substitute.
· Demote any Player to a lower team.
· Exclude any Player from Selection for a given period.
· Withhold a Players transfer application. · Suspend or withdraw a Players registration.
· Request from County FA, the suspension of a Player from all football activities.

8. Code of Conduct for Parents / Spectators.

A. Parents and spectators are encouraged:
To applaud the opposition as well as our teams.
To avoid coaching children during a game.
Not to shout and scream at Children.
To respect the referee's decision.
To give encouragement to everyone regardless of his or her ability, to participate in football.

9. Matters Not Provided For.

A. The Management Committee shall have the power to deal with any matter not provided for in these rules.

10. Child Protection Policy.

CB Hounslow United recognises that every child or young person who plays or participates in football should be able to take part in an enjoyable and safe environment and be protected from abuse.
To this end “the club” have four personal that have attended the FA child protection course to ensure the Halton and District Junior Football League’s and the Football Association’s child protection policy’s are adhered to.
The four personal will have a working knowledge of Child Protection or will undertake any training as necessary.
The four personal will also provide club officials, managers and volunteers with Child Protection literature as deemed necessary and will be able to discus any concerns.
The four personal will maintain confidentiality on a strictly “need to know” basis and store any relevant documents in a secure location.
The four personal will immediately contact the Police, Social Services, the N.S.P.C.C, the Halton and District Junior Football League Child Protection Officer and the FA child protection administrator of any possible abuse occurring within our club.
The four personal will regally attend club matches, training and managers meetings.
The club will ensure to the best of its ability that no person who has committed an offence under any one or more of the offences contained in Schedule 1 of the Children and Young Persons Act 1933 and any other criminal offence which reasonably causes the club to believe that the person poses a risk of harm to a child or young person.
The club officials will ensure that newly appointed officials, managers and volunteers complete a Football Association Personal Disclosure form and a reference form.
” The club recognises the five main forms of abuse are: physical, emotional, sexual, neglect and bullying, and that children and young people have a right to be protected from abuse regardless of their age, gender, disability, culture, language, racial origin, religious beliefs or sexual identity.”
The club will take all suspicions and allegations of abuse and will respond swiftly and appropriately.